Sunday, July 21, 2013



"When we realize the extent of the myriad interconnections which link us to all other life, we realize that our existence only becomes meaningful through interaction with, and in relation to, others."

  When I started this path, I felt like I was in a dark room, and to make this room light up, I needed to ‘connect’. Now my scientific mind looked at this word ‘connect’ and thought of an electrical circuit, like a light switch, it is either on or off. So if I work hard to connect to the rest of humanity, I will make the connection, the switch will be turned on, and my room will be brightly lit.
   I now know that this is wrong, When I would judge my standing with humanity, I would either be connected and fine, or not connected and completely rejected and alone and useless. I thought about my relationship with the word ‘connected’ and realized that it was wrong.
  I now see that my room was never dark, it always had some light. Each person in my life is like a light shining in my room, but my room is still not as bright as I would like it to be. I now understand that to make other peoples light shine brighter in my room, I must expose them to my light. I must remove as much of the blinders I use to keep people from seeing my true self and let them see my true light as brightly as possible. Now, I know when I do this, some people will be taken aback by the shades of my light and move away, but others will be drawn in. And as more people move closer to my light, their light shines brighter and brighter in my room, taking away the darkness.
   Now my room is more brightly then it has ever been.
   Hopefully some day, One other person’s light will get so close to me that our lights will merge, and we will shine as one.

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